100% for Narungga

Narungga has simply been taken for granted.
Do you want accountability? Do you want more health and infrastructure funding?
How about more support for your business and what about jobs for your family?

Primary production alone delivers more than $6. Billion annually to our State’s economy.
What do we get in return? We get under-funded health services, more taxes and levies and patched-up roads.

I am Dianah Walter, I am a mother, partner and small business owner. Narungga is my home.
With more than 30 years’ experience working in regional communities I am focused on delivering results.

My voice is independent, unwavering and strong. My networks are extensive and dependable. I have the confidence and I am ready to go into bat for YOU. You deserve commitment, common sense and a local representative who will be accountable to YOU.


I am 100% for Narungga.

Endorsement of Dianah Walter for Narungga by Tim Storer

Tim Storer, Former Independent Senator for South Australia. Dianah is proud to have Tim’s support.

I am delighted to endorse Dianah Walter as Independent Candidate for the SA seat of Narungga.

On what basis do I have this opinion? It is not just from knowing Dianah and hearing her refreshing, responsible and responsive approach to representing the seat of Narungga in the State Parliament.

Growing up in the Riverland after my father and mother moved their family there so that he could work as a country GP, she as a high school English teacher and to give their 5 children a wonderful country SA upbringing, I have an appreciation for issues pertinent to regional SA and the important role of public service for its non-metro constituents. (And after 14 years in the Riverland, my father continued his service to regional SA when in the 1990s he acted as weekend locum doctor at Minlaton).

Then as an Independent Senator for SA in the Federal Parliament during 2018-19, I undertook visiting regional SA towns and communities to meet and hear from the locals. Based on these discussions with real SA regional people, I directly advocated for and voted in the interests of them regarding infrastructure funding for regional roads, bridges, schools & hospitals, on regional migration agreements to bolster growth and employment, on the Murray River's flow and upstream off-take, on drilling in the Great Australian Bight, and on a number of other issues.

I believe the above puts me in a position to have an opinion regarding what I think would be the best political representation at the State level that the people of Narungga deserve. Someone that will listen to their concerns and needs, and then advocate and vote accordingly in the State’s Parliament. A totally different approach to just voting in way as told to do so by the established political parties' leaders.

A new independent approach is needed for the people of the seat of Narungga. That person is Dianah Walter.

Authorised by Tim Storer, C/- 59B George Street, Moonta SA 5558
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