Having a seat with Dianah

The Countdown is on to our State’s General Election.

On Saturday March 19, 2022, all seats in the House of Assembly (Lower House), whose current members were elected at the 2018 election, and half the seats in the Legislative Council (Upper House) last filled at the 2014 election, will become vacant.

South Australians, eligible to vote, will cast their precious vote to elect members to the 55th Parliament of South Australia. When the polls are declared, those elected will then ‘take their seats’ in the South Australian Parliament to represent you, the people, the ‘constituents’ of our wonderful State. The House of Assembly seat of Narungga is where I call home. It is “Our Place, Narungga.” For me, this campaign is not about “taking a seat” but rather “having a seat” with you in the lead up to 19/3/2022.

Allow me to introduce you to the “Talking Seat” – this seat is the Our Place, Narungga Campaign Mascot. It is not just an object but will become a telling symbol of your views and your ideas. I will invite you to add a word or two to its linen surface.

This seat will soon be joined by its ‘sister’ seat. Details of the sister seat and its purpose will be revealed soon!

Put your trust in me as your truly Independent Candidate for this seat and share your thoughts about how we may position Narungga to thrive in a changing world. If successful in our efforts, I intend to keep those conversations alive and open. The plans we develop together can then be implemented.

I will be asking you for your Number 1 vote on polling day. With your endorsement I will be able to then implement the plans we develop together. I will be your truly Independent Representative, in that place, the Parliament of South Australia for Our Place, Narungga.

I’m now scheduling my kitchen table, beachside, crop-side, street-side, café and other conversations. 

Details will be published soon of where we can have a seat together as I make my way around Our Place, Narungga. If you can’t ‘have a seat with me’ face to face, I’m also happy to arrange a zoom meeting so I may have a virtual seat with you!

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Get ready to have a seat with me, no ideas are too big or too small. With you and for you, help me to develop an action plan to position Narungga to thrive in a changing world.
Please, join me, have a seat with me and share your views.
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