About me

March 12, 2021
Dianah Walter


I have been visiting this place with my family since I was a child. 

I now call this place, Our Place Narungga, home. 

Some years ago, I was told that I will never be a true ‘local.’   I reflected upon those words and I agreed with the sentiment.  There is more than 60,000 years of culture in the land and the sea, and I could never claim such a connection.

The truth is, however, home is not where you were born but rather, where you are prepared to die.   This place, Our Place Narungga, is my home.

About me:

A proud South Australian, I am an ardent advocate for regional communities.

I have more than 30 years of grassroots public, private and community service. When opportunities present, I engage with and listen intently to my community and advocate for causes and individuals I believe in.

I believe that securing our food, energy and water into the future is not something we should hope for but rather something we should strive for and that we should allow science and research to drive innovation and economic growth.

My mantra has long been that ‘without our environment there is no economy.’

In 2013 I ran for political office as an Independent Senate Candidate because I feel driven to take the needs of country people to our parliaments.  

I have many issues I am passionate about, including but not limited to, regional development, youth, people with disability, housing affordability, renewable energy, and accessible health services. 

I am a proponent of Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp and continue to fiercely advocate for less cumbersome and more affordable patient access pathways to Cannabis as a medicine.   We still have such a long way to go.

My advocacy also includes lobbying for stronger regional communities through regional development and I am a supporter of Australia becoming a Republic. I currently sit on the SA Branch Council of the Australian Republic Movement and the Women’s Strategy Working Group.

I have long-term loyalty to the SA Country Fire Service.  In the past have been a solid contributor to management of a regional Brigade and have had operational roles. 

I am super proud to be a regional ambassador for CoastTrek™.  Walking and talking for mental health is such a simple yet effective strategy at combating the stressors of life.

In my ‘spare’ time, I retreat to the sanctuary of the beach at Moonta Bay. I enjoy photography, fishing and writing about issues which move me.

But now though my focus in the lead up to March 19, 2022 is YOU.

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