Healthcare Matters

February 9, 2022
Dianah Walter

These are my words from the HealthCare Crisis Community Meetings in Wallaroo 8/2/22

You are here today because you care about your family, your health, and your future.   I am here because I care too.

You are here today because you recognise our healthcare system that was designed to keep us safe and well is on the brink of collapse.

Let me tell you, our healthcare workers are on the brink of collapse too.

Throughout the region our healthcare workers, are exhausted.

Our life savers are full of fatigue and stress.  

These are the ones who are risking their lives to save ours, day in and day out.

COVID alone hasn’t created this crisis.

This crisis has its foundations in a long-term neglect, and a chronic disinvestment on the part of both the Liberal Party and the Labour Party.  

IT IS A CHRONIC crisis, not a COVID one.

Here on the Yorke Peninsula and in the Mid North we are living with the result of this systematic neglect.

Governments of both colours have failed to make the investments that were needed to make sure we never reached this point.

And they are failing now to show they care and by listening to healthcare workers and making the commitments needed to guarantee our needs will be met in the future.

They fail to listen to clinicians, those on the front line, so many of whom have told me time and again that they are not being heard or listened to.

They have failed to listen to peak bodies working around the clock to keep the system going. They  have failed to listen to care workers working right behind the front line, in desperate need of mental and emotional support.

When they fail to do this, they fail us all.

What I want to say to all of you is that I see you, and I hear you.

We have no health without you, and without our health, we have nothing! 

Today you will hear from compelling speakers, people who understand what needs to be done and people I hold in high regard and respect immensely for telling it HOW IT IS.  They are all leaders in their fields.

Their fight for change is our fight for change.

Let’s put Narungga back on the map and our healthcare back on track!

It is now time to hear from those on the Front-line.

Speakers included Greg Barns SC, Dr Rod Pearce AM

You have now heard from those on the front-line.

You have heard of the leverage a true independent can achieve in the event of a hung parliament.  A very real possibility.

You now have a choice.

That choice is clear.

Vote for change. 

A number 1 vote for me will mean I can fight for better healthcare in the SA Parliament for us.

We deserve it and our lives depend on it! 

From Day One I will fight for 

·      more doctors and nurses and health care workers 

·      more ambulances and community paramedics

·      more hospital beds and services

·      more preventive healthcare programs

·      more access to real support to fight the pandemic head-on.

A number 1 vote for me will mean more funds to deliver a better standard of healthcare.

No more Narungga-neglect.

I see you; I hear you; I know what you need, I know your worth.

Let’s get Narungga thriving and put it back on the map!

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