Politics Done Differently – My Campaign Vision

March 12, 2021
Dianah Walter

Together, on March 19, 2022 we have a unique opportunity to express the diversity and needs of Narungga in our State’s Parliament. 

With your involvement and support, together we can ensure decisions about us are made with us. 

My campaign vision is to work with the people of Narungga during the next 12 months to collaboratively develop an action plan.

The plan will be guided by you and with you.  It will be a suite of intentions and goals, to position Our Place, Narungga to thrive in a changing world.

No ideas are too big or too small. This is where the ingenuity and innovation of our primary producers is met with collaboration, not adverse regulation, this is where our regional small businesses and enterprises are recognised and rewarded for their hard work, not penalised. This is where our families can have a safe and secure future.

What it will not be is a set of predetermined policies laid down by one of the major parties.  

What it will be is yet to be shaped, but it will be the thoughts and views of those living, working, raising families, and retiring in Our Place, Narungga.

My skillset will complement yours.

You may be a primary producer, a school leaver, a mother, father, sister, brother, small business owner, allied health professional, educator, retiree, artist….you get the picture…. 

Together, we will use our abilities to communicate ideas and problem solve.

Our collective communication styles and shared values will be powerful tools in representing Narungga. 

We will be resourceful.

With a considered approach, we will negotiate for, and influence positive change.

We will think innovatively and listen carefully. 

Together, we will advocate to position Narungga to thrive in a changing world. 

Help me answer these questions (& more)…. from your points of view.

What do you see as the challenges for Narungga?

What are the opportunities?

What do you love about Our Place, Narungga?

What would you change?

Where do you see Our Place in 4 years and 40 years?

I believe it is time for a new 'crop' of politicians to consider a view far beyond the next political cycle and make decisions, many of which may be unpopular and immensely difficult, in order to deliver healthier communities, food security, water security, housing and economic security for our State.

Together we can influence policy and effect change.

Regions are back in the limelight – let’s shine a bright light on our regions, Our Place, Narungga.

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