Positioning 'Our Place, Narungga', to thrive in a changing world

July 13, 2021
Dianah Walter

Why seek election as the Member for Narungga? 

Firstly, because the Electorate of Narungga is your place, it belongs to you. It is not a trophy to be ‘won or lost’ on polling day. 

It is your home and mine, it is Our Place, Narungga. 

We love our place; the people, the coastline, wide open spaces, fresh air, and the opportunities – it feels like home, it is home. 

Now with the new boundaries drawn for Narungga – it is important to recognise the 5 Local Government areas represented in this seat. 

The Copper Coast Council 

Yorke Peninsula Council 

Barunga West Council 

And Portions of Port Pirie Regional Council (thank you for joining us Leon) and Wakefield Regional Council. 

This adds context and perspective to the breadth and diversity of this regional seat. 

From Marion Bay to Mundoora 

From Brinkworth, Blyth and Port Broughton to Edithburgh and Redhill 

From Moonta, Minlaton, and Maitland, 

Kadina, Kulpara, Paskeville, Ardrossan, Arthurton, Port Wakefield to Wallaroo and every township and locality in between THIS IS OUR PLACE NARUNGGA.

But why else am I really standing? 

Quite simply because I am fed-up. 

I am known as one who is quietly spoken, respectful, dignified, reliable and conscientious. 

I rarely raise my voice, berate, or criticise in a way that is loud and shouty. It is not my approach. 

Right now, though, to exclaim “gosh, damn and golly” simply won’t cut it. 

Fundamentally, I am furious, and I am fed-up

F-words come to the fore

  • I am fed-up with the ‘future’ only being seen through the lens of the next election cycle by those in power. 
  • I am fed-up with my vote being taken as for granted, and the sitting member’s re-election as a fait accompli. 
  • I am fed-up with families struggling to meet the cost of living. 
  • I am fed-up with the lack of care-factor around food and water security. 
  • I am fed-up with a familiar political narrative that climate change is not real. 
  • I am fed-up with farmers and fishers having to fight and justify why they should keep mining and exploration companies off their land and out of the sea. 
  • I am fed-up with the lack of fairness and justice for those who need our care and support, the young, the aging and people with disability. 
  • I am fed-up with forging new frontiers for Medicinal Cannabis patients only to have discussions shut down because it does not fit within a party’s formula. 
  • I am fed- up that our First-Nations people have to fight for so long to have their voice heard and enshrined in Australia’s Constitution and their voice at the table in local decision making. 
  • I am fed-up with feeling forgotten and ignored when I ask for a meeting with a decision maker. 
  • I am fed-up with electorates seen as trophies to be ‘won or lost’ on polling day. 
  • I am furious and fed-up with some Members of Parliament, with a sense of entitlement, who think it is OK to feed from near-empty trough of the public purse. 
  • I am fed-up with driving on roads that have roadside fatality and accident markers – roads that need adequately funded maintenance and renewal programs. 
  • And I am fed-up with having no choices around my end-of-life rights. 
  • And although I am fed-up, frustrated, and furious, my appetite for a better life here in our beautiful region is insatiable. 

I stand for, among other things, fairness, families, food production and a secure future for Narungga. 

I am standing so you can take a seat alongside me. 

So, you can tell me what you need and want from our government. 

I am seeking your vote as your truly Independent representative for Narungga. 

I can and will influence policy and effect positive change for Our Place, Narungga. 

As a proud Independent I am and will always be dedicated to my local constituents. 

Where do we in the Narungga communities see ourselves 10, 20 and 40 years from now? 

That is how far out I am looking. 

Many South Australians can see that now is the time for a new 'crop' of politicians who consider a view far beyond the next political cycle. 

A crop of people willing to make decisions that although unpopular and difficult, they will deliver healthier communities, food security, water security, housing, and economic security for our State. 

As your member for Narungga, I will be in a position to shift the status-quo. 

That is why I am standing and that is why I am asking you to help me take a seat in the next South Australian parliament. 

Together, on March 19, 2022, we have a unique opportunity to express the needs of the seat Narungga in our State’s Parliament. 

I would love your support to ensure decisions about us are made with us – together. 

Thank you for joining me here today and for your support in having this seat well and truly represented. 

Join me in thanking our EMCee Sherrie Simms-Farmer, the vibrant Teresa Mc Dowell and the thoughtful Tim Storer. 

Be it around your kitchen table, beachside, crop-side, street-side, café or other place in Our Place Narungga, I now encourage you to continue the conversation and bring your voice to this campaign, a truly community-led campaign. 


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