Heather Leach


Meeting Dianah 10 years ago, it was evident immediately that she has a dynamic drive to advocate and improve our world. 

Her strength in character and knowledge of current issues is supported by her actions to initiate change, challenge the big issues and be the backbone of her community and State.

Dianah assisted our business with advocacy and guidance through council constraints and red tape. Giving up her own time she willingly assisted in writing letters of support and coordinated meetings.

With a sound knowledge of her local community, she linked us with Regional Development Australia, local tourism, and other similar business. Dianah is the glue that holds our community together.

Dianah keeps herself well informed and always has a strong grasp of issues affecting South Australian people. Her strengths remain in finding well thought out practical and cost-effective solutions.

For many years Dianah has been campaigning state and nation-wide for medicinal use of cannabis. She has been a speaker at rallies and has met with parliamentarians to get our State up to speed with other forward-thinking countries.

Dianah is not afraid to take a stance and challenge those at the top!

Other local businesses have been the beneficiary of Dianah’s support with evidence in improved marketing and sales.

Dianah made significant contributions to improving the health and wellbeing of her former community, Port Pirie. Her ability to engage with that community at a grass-roots level, as well as with community and other leaders, enabled positive inroads into a complex public health issue – lowering blood lead levels in Port Pirie’s children. This is further evidence that she is not afraid to tackle complex issues.

My personal opinion is that if Dianah is elected she will “keep those at the top honest” and will be a “strong voice for all”.

We can trust in her wholeheartedly and I would like everyone to know that she always makes time to listen and has the power to problem solve to find positive resolutions.

Dianah will be formidable in parliament taking on community and state issues whilst remaining grounded and in touch with people’s needs.

Thank you for all you do Dianah.

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