Teresa McDowell

I have had the privilege of knowing this remarkable woman since our first meeting in the advocacy space that is, Cannabis and Hemp almost a decade ago.

That privilege extends to the enduring friendship we now share.

Dianah's passion and commitment to Regional Communities, local and state industry, the environment, our youth and our aging population, health, and wellbeing and so much more, is evident in her years of advocacy and voluntary contributions and support across many areas.

I have witnessed the diverse range of work Dianah has engaged in from persuasively lobbying for legislative change for legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis to South Australian Farmers being able to grow Industrial Hemp.

Dianah has been a captivating speaker at rallies, and equally compellingly, the quietly spoken voice at expos and regional and local industry events. She is just as comfortable facilitating, leading or supporting a cause behind the scenes.

She continues to support the efforts of United in Compassion and its founder, Lucy Haslam. The primary mission being to advocate for “patient access to Full Spectrum herbal Medicinal Cannabis extracts and dried herb Cannabis; in a manner which is safe, effective, affordable, equitable and favourable for patients, for the dignified relief of suffering.”

All the while, Dianah has encouraged and empowered sufferers to share their personal stories, further aiding the mission.

I have seen her graceful style of leadership open dialogues that may have otherwise been left wanting.  She is engaging, supportive and real!

Dianah's voice has always been one of compassion, integrity and authenticity and I could not think of a better candidate to grace a seat for you and your community.

Wishing you every success throughout your campaign and on election day.

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